Got Spots?

No problem! With our Home Pro Spotter and Pet Spotter Plus you can remove spots, stains and pet accidents yourself saving time and money! As a bonus, if you reside in the Phoenix metro area, we will deliver your spotter to you free of charge!

Products Overview

Pet Spotter Plus

PET SPOTTER PLUS is ready for the toughest pet challenges. No matter which “end” of your pet the problem comes from, fresh or old stains, the synergistic effect of unique stain and odor fighting ingredients works like nothing currently available in consumer products. As a bonus, our Pet Spotter Plus also removes: coffee, tea, grape juice, most foods, blood, dirt, grass, wine, mold & mildew and much more! Order your 16oz bottle now with our online hassle free booking!

Home Pro Spotter

HOMEPRO SPOTTER gives professional results on wet cleanable carpet and upholstery stains. It even works on many wet-cleanable clothing stains. HomePro is non-toxic and safe for use in the home, institution, or car. It will not leave a sticky residue. This product is used regularly in our home to clean the many dinner spills that become ground into our upholstered dinning chairs. Use it to remove: many food stains, grease, tar, ink, marker, glue, juice and much more! Order your 12oz bottle now with our online hassle free booking!

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